Welcome to John Allan Aquariums

John Allan Aquariums is the official EHEIM UK Service Centre - established almost 50 years ago to support both the aquatic trade and the private hobbyist. We stock the full range of technical products, spare parts and aquariums as well as offering both product and technical support, advice, repairs and a full guarantee service.     

In 2014, Allan received EHEIM's Lifelong Achievement Award for service and commitment.

Trade Update
We are currently updating our system to merge the website with a new accounting package.  The new system will enable us to add stock levels, apply discounts and show promotions.
To do this we have had to adjust the prices on the website to full trade where applicable (all prices were previously Net).

Please note the following products remain Net Prices:

​​​​​​​mp (EHEIM) aquariums and accessories
EHEIM pond products
EHEIM LED lights and accessories

All remaining ​​​​​​​EHEIM and all JBL products are now shown as Full Trade - your discounts will be applied on
invoicing until the new system has been tested.  If you would like to check your individual discounts, please contact the sales team - 01284 755051 or tradeenquiries@johnallanaquariums.co.uk 

When visiting the website, you will find all of the information you need to locate a spare part, information on the different product ranges and also contact details for the service centre if required.  Hobbyists are welcome to contact us with any questions or queries and we will happily liaise with your local retailer to resolve any guarantee issues.

TIP: When browsing for EHEIM spare parts, click on the relevant technical product and then double click on the 'exploded view' tab.  This will show the exploded view in a drop down box making it easy to locate a spare part for a specific product.

For private enquiries regarding servicing, repairs and guarantees:
Office: 01284 755051
email: info@johnallanaquariums.com

For Trade enquiries:
Office: 01284 755051
email: tradeenquiries@johnallanaquariums.com

Please Note: The open website is accessible to both trade and hobbyists but online sales are available to retail customers only.  A trade login is required to access the online ordering system.

As well as the complete EHEIM programme, we offer an extensive choice of JBL products, Juwel and assorted biOrb accessories.

In 1974, John Allan Aquariums launched their own shopfitting range and we have continued to supply display aquariums, vivariums and small animal cages to the pet and aquatic trade and universities for 45 years. We will also be able to offer the comprehensive range of EHEIM shopfitting displays in the next few months so please watch the website for further updates.

Allan still runs the company full time, working closely with his son Robert and daughter Karen. His brother, John, is still involved with the company and keeps close contact with the staff, many of whom have been with John Allan Aquariums in excess of 20 years.


The Eheim UK Service centre was established in 1970 when Eheim first started working with John Allan Aquariums. 

In the early days pumps needed bearings to be oiled every six months, heat fuses were attached to the coil and would overheat and blow the fuse to protect the pump, sump pumps were oil filled and a lot of care was required to keep equipment running smoothly..

Even with all the innovative progress made to date making the products simpler and easier to maintain, the Eheim Service Center continues to offer every spare part for the whole Eheim range of products.


At John Allan Aquariums we manufacture high quality pet, aquatic, reptile and small animal units in our own factory. where each unit is built to the customers specifications, enabling us to meet individual requirements

Our units have stood the test of time and, made from 2mm thick anodised aluminium tubing,  have proved  to be robust, reliable and efficient.

We are also working with the EHEIM shopfitting department to deliver a programme offering additional options that will include a new and comprehensive range of aquatic, pet, bird and reptile units. This will enable us to supply shopfitting to any retail outlet - no matter what size or requirements.